Murder Mystery Night- 4 course meal & entertainment

Join us and local company ‘Murder to Measure’ on this hugely popular Murder Mystery night!

  4 course dinner and entertainment


A Haywire Hotel!

Harold Haywire, proprietor of a somewhat run-down hotel on the English Riviera hopes to delight his guests with a gourmet night. He is particularly keen to impress a hotel inspector who is rumoured to be in the area, but this seems increasingly unlikely with the appearance of a dead rodent, a human corpse and a Colonel with rather nasty memories of the war.
His waiter, a Spaniard by the name of Miguel, does not help when his poor grasp of English causes him to lose a large sum of betting money to Harold’s nagging wife, Ethel. Will the inspector write a glowing report for the hotel, or will the night descend into chaos?

Tickets for this murder mystery night are available directly from hornsbury Mill, book your table now!